About Me

Growing up in eastern part of Switzerland in a down to earth crafty family, textile work, sewing and knitting was a part of my life from the very beginning. With two much older siblings my wardrobe was mainly made up from hand me downs of a different era. Maybe this is why even as a 90s kid I’m more influenced by the 80s. Still, it was very important to me to make the clothes my own. So I frequently talked my mom into altering them according to my wishes and learned to use a sewing machine at a very young age.

Currently, the fashion industry is racing faster than ever and trends seem to be over before they arrive. With my designs I would like to set a calm antipole to this fast pace. My aim is to create unique, high-quality pieces that underline the personality of the wearer. I love to play with shapes and colours and details that can only be discovered by taking a closer look. This way the piece never gets boring and maybe even becomes your favourite.

Quality is a special concern for me. This refers not only to the processing, but also to the choice of fabrics. I use natural, high-quality and innovative materials for all my designs. Besides remaining stocks, I mainly use resource-saving materials such as linen or hemp.

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